[Every Friday #15] > Donnie & Joe Emerson – Baby {1979}

The world of the private press album is the broken dream of the vinyl world: Truckers that sold their truck just to finance the chance to record an album, outsiders that just left the insane asylum to follow their dreams in music, or sons of a farmer who sold most of his property to build a recording studio for his talented sons.

Which is exactly the case of Donnie & Joe Emerson who recorded and privately released one album in 1979. Pretty much protected from outside influences brothers Donnie and Joe Emerson created their own type of soul music while living on their dad’s farm somewhere in nowhere land near Spokane, Washington.

Their father wasn’t joking when he sold 1500 acres of his property to support his kids (their farm today is only 50 acres!). The result is an album that has the charm of one of the better school bands and is not a masterpiece by any standard but which has one insanely good track on it that everybody should know. Enjoy.

And a little bonus, a short documentary about the Emerson brothers and their dad:

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