[Every Friday #22] > Serge Gainsbourg – Melody {1971}

I just brought my two sons to the station, leaving for their first solo trip to Paris. So this needs to be a French tune.

Serge Gainsbourg was a genius. Starting with chansons and clever lyrics in the late 50s, he soon made a point releasing music that always captured the spirit of the times, venturing off to some amazing groovy beat tunes with Brigitte Bardot, erotic ballads with Jane Birkin, funk, disco, reggae, and dub eventually. And I probably forgot a couple of genres as well.

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[Every Friday #21] > Sonya Spence – Let Love Flow On {1981}

It isn’t much of a surprise that, having worked tirelessly to compete in the male-dominated Kingston music scene, producer Sonia Pottinger staunchly supported the efforts of female singers in making their mark. She also wasn’t afraid to dabble in other musical genres than the “in” reggae sound of the time.

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[Every Friday #20] > eden ahbez – full moon {1960}

eden ahbez was a wild man. He was the prototype hippie, living under the Hollywood sign in the 1940s, propagating vegetarianism and an anti-capitalist lifestyle way before anyone had long hair and beards.

He recalled once telling a policeman: “I look crazy but I’m not. And the funny thing is that other people don’t look crazy but they are.”

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[Every Friday #19] > Tullio de Piscopo – Primavera (Stop Bajon) {1984}

This is a weird one.

Far from rare (you can cop it on any fleamarket in Germany for way less than 5€), almost everybody knows this tune but only few people know the artist and the correct title of the song.

Tullio de Piscopo is a jazz drummer from Naples who, besides being a sought after session musician, started to record his own music in 1976 with the album Suonando La Batteria Moderna, which became a holy grail for hip hop producers and the like as it just contains pure funk and jazz solo drumming waiting to being sampled and became a pricey sought after item in the past twenty years or so.

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[Every Friday #16] > Lambchop – Up with People {2000}

Sorry, but this has got to be a quick one, as I’m quite busy today. I’m a big fan of the band Lambchop, which over the course of the past 30 years defied easy classification but are a somewhat indie / alternative band with mutliple influences from folk, country to gospel, with even some electronic music sparkles thrown in in recent years.

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[Every Friday #15] > Donnie & Joe Emerson – Baby {1979}

The world of the private press album is the broken dream of the vinyl world: Truckers that sold their truck just to finance the chance to record an album, outsiders that just left the insane asylum to follow their dreams in music, or sons of a farmer who sold most of his property to build a recording studio for his talented sons.

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