[Every Friday #25] > Gloria Jones – Tainted Love {1964}

It seems that Gloria Jones was living more than just one life. Born in Cinicinnati she moved to California and recorded her first music in the beginning of the 60s. She studied piano and a acquired an advanced classical degree primarily in the works of Bach, performed in several musicals (Hair amongst others), became a songwriter for Motown, supported Bob Marley on his first tour of the UK as a member of the band Gonzalez, and moved to England where she met Marc Bolan. They became a couple and she gave birth to their son Rolan Bolan, while she was singing background vocals for T.Rex, and also drove the car that killed Marc Bolan eventually. In 1995 she moved to Africa and opened a musical school.

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Material feat. Whitney Houston & Archie Shepp – Memories {1965|1982}

Whitney Houston war 19 Jahre alt und es sollte noch ein Jahr dauern, bis Ihr von Arista ein weltweiter Plattenvertrag angeboten wurde, den sie dann annehmen durfte – bei den beiden vorherigen Angeboten legte ihre Mutter ein Veto ein, da Whitney noch keinen High School Abschluss – und der Rest ist Geschichte.

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[Every Friday #22] > Serge Gainsbourg – Melody {1971}

I just brought my two sons to the station, leaving for their first solo trip to Paris. So this needs to be a French tune.

Serge Gainsbourg was a genius. Starting with chansons and clever lyrics in the late 50s, he soon made a point releasing music that always captured the spirit of the times, venturing off to some amazing groovy beat tunes with Brigitte Bardot, erotic ballads with Jane Birkin, funk, disco, reggae, and dub eventually. And I probably forgot a couple of genres as well.

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