[Every Friday #21] > Sonya Spence – Let Love Flow On {1981}

It isn’t much of a surprise that, having worked tirelessly to compete in the male-dominated Kingston music scene, producer Sonia Pottinger staunchly supported the efforts of female singers in making their mark. She also wasn’t afraid to dabble in other musical genres than the “in” reggae sound of the time.

Both of these pursuits came together on the second album by Sonya Spence from which the amazing 2-stepper ‘Let Love Flow On’ is taken. After her first album contained almost only cover versions, including her first hit, a cover of John Denver’s ‘Jet Plane’, it was her second album ‘Sings Love’ that only featured her original compositions. However, to be honest I think I’m fine with the 7″ reissue as it is the only tune by Sonya I’m really feeling – too much pop in her reggae. But what a tune it is!

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