[Every Friday #19] > Tullio de Piscopo – Primavera (Stop Bajon) {1984}

This is a weird one.

Far from rare (you can cop it on any fleamarket in Germany for way less than 5€), almost everybody knows this tune but only few people know the artist and the correct title of the song.

Tullio de Piscopo is a jazz drummer from Naples who, besides being a sought after session musician, started to record his own music in 1976 with the album Suonando La Batteria Moderna, which became a holy grail for hip hop producers and the like as it just contains pure funk and jazz solo drumming waiting to being sampled and became a pricey sought after item in the past twenty years or so.

But it is his 1983 single ‘Stop Bajon’ that became a staple song in the clubs of most European territories with its signature syncopated off beat bounce.

You will rarely find a record that has been played by club/disco DJs, as well as hip hop, house, balearic and other more adventurous DJs, even on heavy rotation at certain radio stations and Italian camping sites. There are very few records that always work on any dancefloor, no matter the setting, the crowd, the environment, ‘Stop Bajon’ always works like a treat.

Now, what most people don’t realise is the fact that the trumpet is played by avantgarde jazzer Don Cherry (father to Neneh) and that it has been sampled by legendary house producer Moodymann, for example, and that the tune is not called ‘Primavera’ but ‘Stop Bajon’.

For all vinyl nerds: this is heaven on your record shelf for only a couple of Euros.

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